Monday, August 24, 2009

Sept 09 Newsletter Opportunities for Service to The Congregation

Greeters - If you're an extrovert with a ready smile and a firm handshake, the fellowship worship committee needs you. Sign up to welcome members and visitors on Sunday mornings through the fall. Contact Cindy Breeding at

Ushers - The worship committee is looking for volunteers to pass the basket during the offering. Contact Cindy Breeding at

Singers & instrumentalists - The worship committee is seeking musicians who can lead or accompany hymns or special music.These volunteers will work with our music coordinator, Polly Maynard Watson at

By-laws Revision Team: We need a small (3-5) group of people to review our by-laws and draft a complete revision in order to align them with the best practices of UU congregations, facilitate growth, and give our minister, staff and volunteers the authority and flexibility they need to do their jobs for the congregation. This team will work closely with the consulting minister as well as North Texas Association of Unitarian Universalist Societies and Southwest Unitarian Universalist Conference resources. Its goal will be to present a final revision for approval at the May 2010 Congregational Meeting.

Ministerial Transition Team: We need another small group of people to coordinate the search for a consulting minister. This team will assemble our congregational packet, materials that tell a candidate who we are, create a job posting notice, work with the district executive and other local, regional and national denominational representatives to recruit and identify candidates, conduct interviews and recommend a final candidate to the Board of Trustees. More details on the missions of both these teams will be available after the August 29 Board Planning Retreat.

The Board will be filling these two teams in early September. If this sounds like something you'd be interested in helping with, please contact John Beckett ( or 972-948-9211) or any board member.