Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Need a Yard Sale Coordinator

Our 2010 budget shortfall makes fundraising even more important than it normally is, and one way we've had success with in the past is with a DUUF Yard Sale. Some years we've made over $2000, most years we've made over $1000 - that would put a nice dent in our deficit.

What the Yard Sale needs most is an enthusiastic, energetic Yard Sale Coordinator: someone to handle publicity, coordinate dropoffs and storage, coordinate volunteers for pricing, setup, and supervision of the sale. It's a big job and a lot of work, particularly the week of the sale. But it can be a lot of fun, and it all goes to help support our Fellowship and its mission and programs.

We're going to do this sometime in the Spring: April or May, when the weather is warm but not yet too hot. Although a few dates are already out due to community conflicts (like Arts & Jazz Fest on April 23-25), we'll set the date at the convenience of the Yard Sale Coordinator.

We also need other volunteers - people to help with all the planning and prep work, people to work on the setup, and people work the day of the sale. And of course, we need everyone to start saving your stuff - particularly large items that go for big money, like furniture.

If you think being Yard Sale Coordinator is something you could do, please see me or any of the other Board members.


John Beckett