Saturday, January 9, 2010

Amy Martin on Animism - January 24

10:30 - 11:30 AM: "The Animism of Nature" - Amy Martin will be our pulpit guest for our Sunday morning service

1:00 - 2:30 PM: Workshop: "Animism: The Roots of Religion, the Future of Spirituality"

Do you frame reality in terms of energy and vibration? Is connecting with the divine something you do through nature? Are you a “we are one” person who feels that all things are interconnected?

Then you are an animist!

Animism – the concept that an animating energy imbues all existence – is the oldest way humans viewed the Divine. It is also the underlying concept of the spiritual-not-religious movement and imbues all Earth-centered faiths.

Amy Martin, editor of Moonlady News listserve and creator of Winter SolstiCelebration, will present a workshop "Animism: The Roots of Religion, the Future of Spirituality" on Sunday January 24th at DUUF. This is the same workshop she has been invited to present at the Pacific School of Religion’s annual Earl Lectures on January 27 in Berkeley, CA. Be a part of the vital feedback groups to help prepare this important presentation.

The 10:30 AM worship service is free, as always. The cost of the 1:00 PM workshop is $10, cash or check at the door. No one will be turned away due to lack of funds.

Rooted in indigenous and pre-literate philosophical thought, ancient animistic paths will include Bon, Taoism and Shintoism from Asia; and Native American and moundbuilder cultures from North America; and pan-continental shamanism.

More modern animism-related concepts to be examined include immanence, mysticism, panentheism, panpsychism and transcendentalism.

The concepts and practices that unite these paths will be explored, including how scientific principles of biology and physics can be interpreted animistically.

Small breakout groups will examine the least known ancient animists – the 3500 BCE to 1400 CE earthwork monument-building cultures of the United States – and develop ways that their traditions of group construction, mass shamanic gatherings, pilgrimage, and adherence to a natural seasonal and celestial calendar could be transformed for use in modern society.

The workshop will conclude with an optional extended question and answer session in which Amy will be seeking your thoughts about the concepts and practices that appeal to those who consider themselves animistic or spiritual-not-religious.


Amy Martin is the creator of the acclaimed Winter SolstiCelebration, which attracts over 1000 people from spiritual-not-religious and other faiths, even though held in the Bible Belt city of Dallas. Now in its 18th year, it has grown into the second largest Winter Solstice observance in the U.S. It is presented by Earth Rhythms, ( for which she serves as executive director.

Regarded in North Texas as the “Moonlady” (, her 3000+ member listserve Moonlady News facilitates communications for the alternative spirituality community in the area. She writes weekly from the spiritual-not-religious and Taoist perspective for Texas Faith blog at the Dallas Morning News daily newspaper, and sits on several interfaith panels.

For more information, please contact John Beckett at or 972-948-9211.

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