Thursday, February 24, 2011

Orientation on Radical Hospitality! March 6 (March 2011 Newsletter Content)

Our congregation continues to grow. More than 30 persons have signed the membership book in just the past 8 months. That is the sign of a healthy church. To maintain this progress, we must “practice” hospitality. For every visitor we connect with on Sunday, there is one or more that walk away after the service - never to return. I want every newcomer who enters our doors to feel that sense of community that we as members and friends of the Fellowship experience every Sunday. There are many persons who long to hear a message like ours, and I want to share it with our many guests and visitors on Sundays. Those guests and visitors will return after hearing the message if we make them feel at home.

There is a way you can help us. Please join us before the worship service on Sunday March 6 at 9:30 for a gathering on radical hospitality. We’ll share a light breakfast, watch a short film (“Repelling Fewer Visitors”) and discuss how we can enhance the newcomer’s experience at DUUF.

Mark Davis
Board of Trustees