Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Just Sayin' - President's Column (April 2011 Newsletter Content)

I am resisting the temptation to write an outrageous column that would seriously annoy many members and friends and end that piece with a simple "April Fools!" Of course, the whole premise of the Just Sayin' expression is to place a fire escape at the end of an incendiary sentence or claim. Either way I have protection if you, the reader, finds offense in what I am about to say.

We have a committee at the Fellowship, which is always chaired by the previous past President. The name of said committee is the "Nominating Committee." John Beckett, being the past President, is this year's chairperson.

John has gathered an impressive cross-section of members to serve on this committee -- Thomas Gonzales, Maggie Dodd and Sean Quinlan. This team is charged with assembling a list of candidates for the 2011-12 Board of Trustees. The election of the new Board takes place at our next congregational meeting slated for May. "No one has approached you yet," you say. I am confident that someone will talk to you soon. And, as a famous coach once quipped, "Don't hide behind anything or anybody, they are going to find you anyway." To be fair, the coach was referring to crisis situations. Nevertheless, our Fellowship does find itself at a crossroads. Many would argue (and I would agree) that we have had a good year despite a tight budget and the loss of some beloved members. The arrival of our new, highly-respected Minister and the influx of several new members and families have put us in a much better place than we were at this time last year. But....

Our current Board has a combined experience of roughly 25 years. Many of us have served more than one stint or cycle as Board members. A crossroad, or fork-in-the-road, refers to the choice that must be made when one cannot see beyond the horizon. As a member of the Denton Unitarian Universalist Fellowship, you stand at that fork with the rest of us. One road (the easy road), simply takes us back to where we have been - a tiny congregation with a relatively static core of leaders and members that do a reasonably good job of keeping things together. The other road involves some risk because the ultimate destination is less clear. In my opinion, we are ready to travel down the other road to more exciting destinations if a new generation of bright, energetic leaders is willing to take the helm.

The time has come for those new leaders to step forward. As a Board member, the well-being of this Fellowship becomes more important to you. Your feelings about being a UU deepen. Yes, on occasion the burden of leadership is onerous, yet in the end the experience is very gratifying. Of course, should you choose to hide behind something or somebody and they don't find you...not to worry. You can just follow the same old road with everybody else.

In Faith,
Mark Davis
Congregation President