Thursday, April 21, 2011

DUUF sponsors three servant leaders to DBLE (May 2011 Newsletter Content)

The Board of Trustees has nominated three persons for the Dwight Brown Leadership Experience (DBLE). We have had several members attend this event over the last 15 years (many of whom are/were Board members and ministers). This is one of the best ways we have to develop and nuture a new generation of leaders in our Fellowship. This year is special. The event takes place on the TWU campus. And, we have nominated Rev. Pam Wat, Kati Trice, and Amber Briggle as our team of servant leaders.

Although the Board plans to provide some financial support, we are seeking Angel Sponsors who are willing to help allay some of the costs of participating in this valuable experience. If anyone wishes to contribute, please contact me or any other member of the Board of Trustees. Every little bit helps. If you write a check, just make it out to DUUF (with DBLE support on the memo line).

The overall costs for 3 persons is $1,900. We hope to receive support from NTAUS to cover roughly half that amount. Thus, the cost to the Fellowship will be $950.

"The best thing I ever did for myself and the Little Rock Church was to attend Dwight Brown Leadership Experience. DBLE taught me what a Unitarian Universalist church ought to be and do. When I came home, I could not help but measure our church's performance against what I'd learned. Now we have a good start on a new chapter in the life of our church and it is in large part thanks to DBLE and its vision of what a healthy church ought to be up and doing." -- Virginia Williams, past-president, Unitarian Universalist Church of Little Rock
Thanks for your support!