Saturday, May 21, 2011

Ten Reasons to Attend SotSoL (June 2011 Newsletter Content)

Ten Reasons to Attend the NTAUUS Leadership Conference
June 4 2011 at Community UU Church, Plano

1. Childcare is available and there are already several kids signed up. (8-12 years olds, but others welcome.)

2. Rev. Meg Riley, the keynote speaker, has been described as the [current] “best preacher in the UUA” and helped develop Standing on the Side of Love.

3. You can meet UU’s from across North Texas, folks who might have some new light bulb jokes. Some of them are from congregations forming in Georgetown and Wichita Falls.

4. You can learn lots of ways to use the internet and social media, and how we can take advantage of these sources to attract new members.

5. Parents- you can have a chance to catch up with what kids are doing on Facebook, Twitter, etc. Teens- you can learn new ways to make your parents clueless.

6. You don’t have time to go to the week-long Dwight Brown Leadership Experience.

7. $35 is a bargain for a full-day conference with 2 meals. This is possible because NTAUUS is covering most of the cost with money and volunteer labor.

8. You get a nifty travel mug just for registering, of recycled plastic.

9. You can volunteer for a few hours and get a cool shirt.

10. You can enjoy Daniel Polk’s snazzy purple pants.