Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Wanted: PIANISTS for Denton UU Fellowship (June 2011 Newsletter Content)

The Fellowship is in need of pianists for Sunday services. This is an opportunity to share your gift of music with others and enrich our worship experience. Our electronic keyboard has a variety of interesting voices, which makes it fun to play and allows for real creativity.

1. We need people to play the hymns we sing every week.

2. If you would like to do more than the hymns, there is the Music to Gather, the Prelude & Offertory, which offer lots of musical freedom, from classical to popular.

Don't hide your talents under a bushel, share them with us, please. For more information, accompanied with groveling and pleading, contact Gerry Veeder of the Worship Committee.

e-mail: gkv0001@verizon.net
telephone: 940-382-2040