Thursday, May 19, 2011

YOU DID IT! (June 2011 Newsletter Content)

"Build it and they will come." Well, Barney and Co. enlarged the sanctuary and they came! What incredible growth this congregation has experienced in the past dozen months or so.

It's well worth repeating a few of the many reasons for this growth: Religious Education that is touching the hearts and intellects of our children and youth, a minister who is approachable, enlightening and inspiring, an Adult Religious Education that is "smokin' hot", an enticing webpage, top quality lay-led programs, and a board that made growth a priority. Amazing list!

As a relatively long-time part of the membership team, I have been so gratified to witness all the new buzz around DUUF. A special thanks goes out to each one of you who have served on this committee including all the new greeters and ushers. (And special recognition to John B., who been at his post on the porch for years!) More good news: We still have room on our committee for enthusiastic members who want to hear the buzz hum even louder.

I encourage us to Keep smiling, keep introducing ourselves, keep giving a handshake or hug to our visitors (blue nametag), i.e. keep doing just what I see so many of you doing every week. This increase in membership is not accidental. It is the result of deliberate focus from the board and a huge team effort involving the entire congregation. Thank you so much and LET'S KEEP GROWING!!!!!

Carol Coulter
Membership Team Leader