Thursday, June 9, 2011

Ingathering Service on Sunday, August 28th

I am aware that many of you are planning special occasions (three DUUF weddings!), travelling to places far and near, celebrating milestones, working hard all summer, or milling about by a pool or other body of water. Whatever your summer plans include, I want to let you know that on Sunday, August 28th Denton UU Fellowship will have its annual Ingathering Service to celebrate our return to the church and school year. It is our custom to celebrate with a water communion ritual where people bring a small amount of water from wherever they have been or from some significant part of their summer experience and pour it into a common bowl (taking a moment to briefly share where they have been or what they have experienced). Please remember to bring your vials, jars or other collection mechanism with you as you need. I look forward to celebrating this moving ritual with you at the end of August!

Safe travels!

Rev. Pam