Tuesday, September 27, 2011

NTAUUS Accepting Nominations for 2011 Awards (October 2011 Newsletter Content)

The North Texas Association of Unitarian Universalist Societies (NTAUUS) is accepting nominations for its 2011 awards.

These awards recognize outstanding contributions and service to Unitarian Universalism and our North Texas congregations. The awards recognize volunteers, lay staff, and ministers. Submissions are due December 9, 2011. Awardees will be honored at the NTAUUS Awards luncheon January 21, 2012 at Oak Cliff UU Church.

For complete details about the three awards and the nomination process visit the
NTAUUS web site at http://www.ntauus.org/awards.shtml for the Call for Nominations and the Nomination Form that needs to be submitted.

We have talented, hard-working people who provide valuable services to our congregation. Let's submit them as candidates for the Recognition Awards. It only requires filling in a form! Questions? Talk to Mark Coomes, NTAUUS Representative.