Tuesday, September 13, 2011

UUA Bookstore Announces the 2011-12 Common Read (Sep 2011 Newsletter Content)

UUA Bookstore staff are thrilled to announce the 2011-2012 Unitarian Universalist Common Read: 'Acts of Faith: The Story of an American Muslim, the Struggle for the Soul of a Generation,' by Eboo Patel. A remarkable account of growing up Muslim in America from one of the most prominent faith leaders in the United States, Acts of Faith is a hopeful and moving testament to the power and passion of young people, and of the world-changing potential of an interfaith youth movement.

The Unitarian Universalist Common Read encourages all Unitarian Universalists to read and discuss a single book. The 2010-2011 common read, 'The Death of Josseline,' spawned discussion groups and social action and heightened awareness of the challenges facing undocumented immigrants in the American Southwest. Learn more about the Common Read project: http://www.uua.org/publications/commonread/index.shtml.

We'd love to hear how you used the UUA Common Read in your congregation or on your own. Please email your stories to Ben Jackson at bjackson@uua.org.

Remember, the UUA Bookstore offers discounts on multiple copies: http://www.uuabookstore.org/.