Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Video Upgrade: Three Missions (September 2011 Newsletter Content)

We are in the process of fine tuning our new video system. It includes a higher resolution camera, a new video recorder, and a wall mounted monitor in the Religious Education wing. Thanks to John Beckett, Mark Coomes, Mark Davis, Mary Curtis, Barb Rodman, Wendy & Paul Leung, David & Hazel Greene, Tracy Kirk, Gerry Veeder and Jake & Cindy Jacobson for financing this project. Special thanks to Matthew Morin, who crawled through the "attic" twice because Jake handed him the wrong end of the wire the first time.

This upgrade serves three different missions. First, it allows us to continue to post services on the internet for our friends who can't be with us, as well as for cyber visitors who want to know more about us. Many new friends report finding us on the internet first. The second mission is to provide a space for overflow participants to hear the service. For better and worse, "standing room only" is only going to become more common. Finally, we are bringing the gospel to the snack crew in the kitchen, who have missed more services than they have attended. Because of their poor attendance, they have at times been concerned for their souls, so we hope that they will now receive the message of Universal Salvation. Thanks again to everyone!