Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Film Screening Sun Nov 13 (November 2011 Newsletter Content)

Special Screening
Sunday November 13, 2011
7:30 PM, Religious Education Wing

"A Dream Lost in 'Dream'" a documentary by Arvind Singh.

Lawyer, political activist, and filmmaker Arvind Singh & her family were forced to leave their native India after she made a controversial political documentary. Both of the Singhs were respected professionals in India, but in America, they were just another immigrant family faced with making a living. Arriving in Denton, they bought a struggling gas station near UNT, which they eventually turned into a small Indian restaurant. But their economic difficulties pale beside the larger cultural pressures on their children, and the fact that Mr. Singh, a commercial pilot in India, is no longer able to do the job he loves best: flying.

Filmmaker’s Statement:

America is essentially a country of immigrants. People from all over the world come to this dreamland with a very high expectation of fulfilling their economic, professional, educational, social, and/or political aspirations. However, they are confronted with the stark and imminent reality of economic challenges at the doorstep of this dreamland. Understanding the gravity of their situation, they tuck their dreams into a safe place deep within their hearts, and hope to come back to them later after winning the race of survival. Little do they realize that they are entering a race that has no end, or a chance for one to catch one’s breath. Sometimes these dormant dreams resurface unexpectedly, and a tug of war between passion and survival begins. This film is the portrayal of an East Indian and the tug of war between his dreams and reality.

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