Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Semi Annual Campout Announced for Mar 29 - Apr 1 2012 (January 2012 Newsletter Content)

Only 80 Days until our semi-annual DUUF campout for all ages. I know it seems like a long time from now, but if you want to go, you need to reserve a campsite NOW!

RULE #421: You can always cancel a camping reservation, but once the campground is full, you cannot create a vacant site to reserve.

The scheduled weekend is going to be perfect weather, so I guarantee the campground will be fully reserved well in advance.

Do it today!

Here's all the info you need:

- March 29 - April 1
- Ray Roberts Lake State Park
– Isle du Bois Unit
- Deer Ridge Campground
- bacon

That actually may be more information than you need, but here's the website for reserving:



Thomas Gonzalez, the shaman of DUUF camping has started a facebook page where the latest info will be available:


or query me backstage