Tuesday, April 10, 2012

putting the "fun" back in fundraising

Dear DUUF Community,

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to participate in "Refried Murder" our exciting Murder Mystery event on April 21st at 6:30pm at Hailey’s!

If you were here last fall during our stewardship campaign, you might recall that this congregation agreed to develop and support fundraising efforts throughout the year to help supplement our income. Increased staffing (including a full-time minister and increased hours for the director of religious education) were so important to fulfilling our vision that we decided to consider new and alternative fundraising efforts. Already, thanks to Mark Davis and some amazing cooks in our midst, our annual chili cook-off was a huge success (and a lot of fun too!).

On April 21st we have another opportunity to raise money for this Fellowship and to gather together for a fabulous time.

This Sunday after the service, committed, hard-working volunteers will be selling tickets to the Murder Mystery event. Seek them out, buy your tickets and THANK them for their hard work on behalf of our Fellowship.

Special thanks to Herb, Abby, Ed, Jason, Carol, Tamela, Lauren, our actors (who have been rehearsing hard) and all those who are putting a tremendous amount of time and energy into this event. What better way to thank them than by purchasing a ticket for yourself and ten of your closest family and friends? Or purchase a ticket for someone in the Fellowship or in the community who is out of work and in need of a “scholarship” ticket? Still want to show your thanks? Donate a silent auction item, gift certificate or your volunteer time. All proceeds go directly to manifesting the vision of this Fellowship. Every dollar counts.

I look forward to seeing you at Hailey’s on April 21st!

With gratitude for every last one of you and your deep commitment to DUUF,

Rev. Pam