Friday, October 19, 2012

Transformative Spiritual Hospitality Workshop

Discover the Hidden Spiritual Power of Invitation and Welcome

at the 

Transformative Spiritual Hospitality Workshop

 Saturday  Nov. 3, 2012

10 am- 3 pm (Lunch Included)

DUUF Fellowship Hall
This five-hour workshop will be a hands-on event featuring activities and discussions to help participants:

            --affirm and encourage our individual spiritual paths

          --transform strangers into guests and friends

          --overcome estrangement and separation by fostering compassion

          --strengthen family, DUUF, and community bonds

All friends and members who want to grow more deeply in their own spiritual lives while helping expand the DUUF community are encouraged to attend


For more information: Barb Rodman,, 940-382-5419 

Register by sending an email to  or calling 940-566-1286.  Child care will be provided upon request.  Please let us know if you need it and for how many children/their ages.