Thursday, November 1, 2012

Intentions in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy

Dear Members and Friends,

So far the stories I have heard from you is that friends and family in the hurricane-impacted areas are safe and sound, but if you have a loved one for whom you are concerned, please let me know. As we experience the news of loss of life, power outages, property damage, lack of insurance, and other ways that this storm has hurt people, we will have a special moment on Sunday to acknowledge those in need. If you have a special intention that you would like me to mention on Sunday, please take a moment to send it to me in advance so that I can share it in both services ( 

Please join me this week in holding close those in the northeast and those in Haiti, Cuba and throughout the Caribbean. May the devastation of this storm re-center us all toward what is important in life and may we know how best to serve those who are living with fear, heartache and need.

Love and light,
Rev. Pam