Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Denton Day of Service

Stephanie Hawkins and Audrey painting a bookshelf.
Thanks to all who participated in our Day of Service on the Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday. More than fifty people from ages three and up volunteered their time and energy moving play structures, painting, installing a sandbox, hauling mulch, breaking down structures, deep cleaning the interior and sanding furniture. Participants were mostly members of Denton Unitarian Universalist Fellowship and First United Methodist Church of Denton along with Board and staff of the school, attendees who registered through the National Day of Service website and City Councilmember Kevin Roden. Other congregations represented were Horizon Unitarian Universalist Church in Carrolton and Christ Community Church.

It was inspiring to see folks work together to help transform the playground and classrooms. It was a perfect way to spend the Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday. We hope to make it an annual event and to draw participation from other faith groups. According to the National Day of Service organizers, “People in all 50 states made a long-term commitment to service and together they pledged to serve more than 1 million hours this year. National Day of Service projects across the country honoring Dr. Martin Luther King took steps forward to create a lasting culture of service.”

We worked together as people of different faith backgrounds, ethnicities, ages and cultures to help to build the beloved community that Martin Luther King, Jr. dreamed about. Through service to this vital community resource and in working together with people of different backgrounds, we deepened our connections to our community. Fred Moore Day Nursery School is the only sliding scale childcare center in Denton that offers care for newborns, toddlers and young children coming from low-income families. It was an honor and privilege to support this vital community resource.

Denton UU Fellowship participants included: Bob Snyer, Kara Snyder, Sarah Gamblin, Georgia Leech, Tracy Kirk, Rev. Pam Wat, Patrick Keller, Gary Cook, Meredith Hicks, Joan King, Mark Coomes, Scottie McIntyre Johnson, Devin Taylor, Zoe Kirk, Simone Surratt, Ciara Smith, Stephanie Hawkins, Ian Finseth, Audrey, Kate Forrest and Alana Presley. And from Horizon UU Church: Elizabeth Gustwick.

Special thanks to Joan King, Gary Cook, Devin Taylor, Alana Presley and Georgia Leech for helping to prepare for the event and adding their leadership, skill and insight to help make the day especially wonderful! 
Sarah Gamblin cleaning windows in a classrom.
Fred Moore Day Nursery School Executive Director Wendy McGee and Rev. Pam Wat take a break in the midst of the day.
Kate Forrest cleaning the kitchen.
Tracy Kirk and Zoe Kirk help to clean out the kitchen.

Volunteers disassemble equipment that could no longer be used.

Alana Presley sanding a bookshelf.

Mark Coomes, with staff member Angie, installing a bulletin board.

Kara Snyer cleaning toys in the infant room.

One of our most ambitious projects involved relocating a very heavy play structure. Pictured here are Joan King, Kevin Roden, Devin Taylor, Patrick Keller and Georgia Leech.

Ian Finseth helped to relocate ground cover.

Gary Cook who helped oversee projects is pictured here preparing to take down a structure no longer in use.

Ciara helps to prepare bookshelves for sanding.

Ian Finseth and Audrey help to paint a bookshelf.

Alana Presley and Devin Taylor prepare to sand furniture.

Ciara Smith and Simone Surratt work together on preparing a bookshelf for sanding.

Audrey reaching high to clean windows.

Meredith Hicks working with Ethan to set up a sandbox.

Gary Cook, Bob Snyder and Patrick Keller work wtih other volunteers to take apart the old wood structure.

Alana Presley finishes a bookshelf to go back into a classroom.

Fred Moore Day Nursery School Executive Director Wendy McGee with Scottie McIntyre Johnson.