Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Martin Luther King, Jr. Community Day of Service

Rev. PamHappy New Year to all of you!

Many of you have been asking me how you can bring your faith and service into the wider community. We have a special opportunity to participate in the Martin Luther King, Jr. day of service on Monday, January 21st from 9:00am to noon. Through the Denton Faith Alliance, I am organizing a work day for people of all faiths (and people not associated with a faith group) to gather our hearts, minds and hands to help make Fred Moore Day Nursery School safer and more welcoming for its families. Fred Moore Day Nursery School is the only sliding scale childcare center in Denton that offers care for newborns, toddlers and young children coming from low-income families. It has a special place in our community's history and I hope you will join me in giving generously to this project.

How to help...the first step of this project is raising funds. We hope to purchase materials to provide ground cover for the playground and purchase new equipment and supplies. The more money we raise, the more work we can do. Our goal is to raise $5,000 from the wider Denton community. Please consider giving a financial contribution to support this vital community resource. Bring donations to the Fellowship (mail or place in the offering baskets, but be sure to indicate that it is for the MLK service day).

The second step is to volunteer at the site on Monday morning, January 21st where there will be projects including relocating a large play structure, installing a sandbox, laying ground cover, installing edging, sanding and varnishing furniture, painting, yard work and deep cleaning the interior. We are hoping to get donations of paint from the chemical disposal program and would love our creative artists to volunteer to paint a mural or design to help make things look especially beautiful for the children at the school. We also desperately need people to take the lead on each project and help in instructing volunteers on what to do (so those of you with skills in painting, sanding, building, or cleaning who could serve as a leader for a project please let me know).

Another way to support this day of service is to volunteer to provide childcare at the Fellowship. Perhaps we could work together to provide resources to share with our children the stories of Martin Luther King, Jr. and invite them into conversation about how we can share his spirit of service and justice. Would you like to volunteer in this way? Let me know.

One last way I can think of to share in this effort is in extending this energy far and wide. Could you spread the word? Tell everyone you know in Denton about this great project and invite them to get involved. Could you pray about this project? Pray for this project to be transformational. Pray for insight and change for good. Send light and love. How ever your faith can work to support this project is welcome and appreciated. If you are setting an intention in some way I would love to hear about it. It helps give me strength for this big project to know that you are holding it with me.

Creating Martin Luther King, Jr.'s vision of the beloved community is no small task. It takes seeing one another and embracing one another despite our differences. Sometimes it takes sacrificial giving and a generous heart. Sometimes it takes stepping out of one's comfort zone to extend a hand or a gesture of compassion. As people of faith though, may our commitment to creating the beloved community be greater than any fear and may 2013 bring increased opportunities for each of us to live out our faith.

Love and light,

Rev. Pam Wat