Wednesday, April 2, 2014


Nancy Fire and Kerri Burnside
Gabriel, Henry and Wyatt before the service

Cindy and Jake Jacobson before the service

Rev. Pam and Nicholas Morgan before the processional

Our wonderful choir!

Mark Davis telling it like it was and welcoming everyone to the service.

Mary Curtis lighting the chalice.

Rev. Jonalu Johnstone calls us to worship

Scottie leads us in a responsive reading by James Luther Adams.

Lexie Vriend reads from Rev. Rebecca Ann Parker's book "Blessing the World". Rev. Dennis Hamilton preaches the message.

Gerry Veeder invites us to give generously to support the UUA's Living Tradition Fund.

Amber Briggle, Matt Nakos and Matthew Morin rockin' it.

Hal Gibbons invites the congregation to sing along.

Rev. Pam and Nicholas participate in the covenant.

Judy Smith presents Rev. Pam with the most beautiful stole in the world.

Rev. Aaron White leads us in prayer and a laying on of hands.

Rev. Susan Smith offers a charge to the minister.

Rev. Don Fielding offers a charge to the congregation.

Rev. Pam offers the benediction.

Barbara Rodman presents the gift of a beautiful painting of Rev. Pam's hands (artist: Tesa Morin)

Tesa Morin and Rev. Pam with the painting.

Rev. Pam and Nicholas Morgan
Dear Ones,
I continue to hold in my memory the beautiful moment of seeing you gathered with me at the installation service. It was truly a peak experience for me. I couldn't be happier to be your minister. Someone asked me on Sunday morning, "Aren't you already our minister? What happens at the installation service that changes anything?" Again, I think of it like a wedding ceremony. A couple might sign the paperwork to be married days, weeks, even months before the actual wedding ceremony happens, but there is something in the ceremony that makes it feel real. There is something important in the ritual, in the gathering, in the public witnessing, and in the face-to-face moment when we commit to love and serve one another and our greater mission. Indeed I feel changed by it and I hope that you do too. I feel a lightness, a sense of shared purpose and a mutual love and respect. Thank you for your part in this commitment--for making this covenant with one another and with me.
So many people worked so hard to make this installation service happen that I wanted to be sure we recognize at least some of these people here. Thank You to all who contributed to this installation including:
First Christian Church for graciously sharing their building
DUUF Search Committee Members: Mark Davis (Chair), Catherine Sassen, Kelly Taylor and Mark Coomes
DUUF Board of Trustees: Nicholas Morgan (President), Devin Taylor (Vice-President), Amber Briggle (Secretary), Matthew Morin (Treasurer), Barbara Rodman (Past-President), Thomas Gonzalez, Sharon Barnhill
DUUF Committee on Ministry: Jake Jacobson, Sunnie Palmer, Ilana Morgan
Speakers: Mark Davis, Mary Curtis, Rev. Jonalu Johnstone (First Unitarian Church, Oklahoma City), Scottie McIntyre Johnson (candidate for ministry and former intern of Denton UU Fellowship), Lexie Vriend, Rev. Dennis Hamilton (Horizon UU Church, Carrollton), Gerry Veeder, Nicholas Morgan, Rev. Aaron White (First Unitarian Church, Dallas), Rev. Susan Smith (Congregational Life Staff, UUA Southern Region), Rev. Don Fielding (Minister Emeritus, Denton UU Fellowship)
Choir: Hal Gibbons (Choir Director), Lydia Alexander, Gary Cook, Carol Coulter, Jason Galbraith, Linda Hapeman, Tracy Kirk, Matthew Morin, Richard Newlin, Don Page, Theresa Page, Alana Presley, Sharon Sahm, Zac Youngblood
Instrumentalists: Amber Briggle, Matthew Morin, Matt Nakos, Catherine Sassen
Installation Coordinator: Tamela Wolman and all who helped to set up and clean up and all who helped to provide childcare.
Denton Vegan Cooperative for preparing and serving food for the reception.
Ushers: Carol Iannuzzi, Liz Yeary, Cliff Garner, Nancy Fire and Judy Smith
Staff: Linda Hapeman, Director of Religious Education and Diana Forson, Administrator
Special Guests: Rev. Craig Hunter (Trinity Presbyterian Church, Denton), Rev. Jennifer Innis (First Jefferson UU Church, Fort Worth), Rev. Patrick Price (Community UU Church, Plano), Rev. Annie Foerster, Rev. Barbara Jarrell (All Souls UU Church, Shreveport), Rev. Mark Walz (Oak Cliff UU Church), Rev. Don Lee (First United Methodist Church, Denton),  Rev. Melissa Hunter (Chaplain, Novus Hospice, Denton), Rev. Gina Purcell (Chaplain, Universal Fellowship of Metropolitan Community Churches), Nell Newton (Ministerial Intern at San Marcus UU Church)
And, of course, the radiant Judy Smith who crafted and gifted the most beautiful stole a minister could imagine! 
Thank you all!
Love and light,
Rev. Pam