Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Meet Our Teachers: Carol Higbee Iannuzzi

Dear Ones,
I cannot express how lucky we are here at DUUF to have the amazing team of dedicated women and men teaching our youth.  This week, it is our privilege to introduce Carol Higbee Iannuzzi, and let her tell you a bit about her role with our Explorers!

What class do you teach? 
Fire Breathers
 How long have you been teaching?
I started teaching with this past summer UU Evolution classes.
 What does an average Sunday look like in your classroom? 
We usually have on average 5-7 teen youths, however we had as many as 10 show up on a Sunday. We start out with donuts and go around the class with brief introductions and any shared joys and/or sorrows. We have interesting discussions over a world religion and usually try to have an artistic activity incorporated into the time together.
 What is your favorite part of teaching that class? 
The interesting questions and exciting participation that the teens bring to the discussions.
 Was there anything that surprised you when you started teaching? 
Yes, I was surprised how much enjoyment I would get from the interaction and enthusiasm that the youth bring to the discussions in class.
  How has teaching helped your own spiritual journey? 
I feel I have more meaning in my life with teaching and the classroom interaction with the youth versus having previously worked in a corporate career that I did not feel fulfilled in at all.
 What is one thing you’d like the congregation to know about your students and about being an RE teacher? 
The students are always eager to learn, insightful, and bring so much fun energy to the classroom. As an RE teacher, you not only learn from the preparation for the class activities but also from the thought provoking questions and insightfulness that the students bring to the class discussions.