Sunday, March 1, 2015

Build Your Own Worship!

Who would have suspected that my first church snow day would come in March, in Texas of all places?  If you’re anything like me, your first thought was “What do I do now?”  I would encourage you to take this Sunday “off” as an opportunity to worship in your own home, either with your family or in solitude.

There are lots of ways to do so!  If you’re on your own, find a quiet moment to consider that big question you've been pondering, to appreciate the beauty around you, or just to meditate.  If you have a house full, maybe this would be a good morning for gathering together and singing your family’s favorite hymns (I can tell you I’ll be rocking my own rendition of How Could Anyone pretty soon), telling stories from our 6 sources (you can find lots of them here), or having a conversation about what you are grateful for or what it means to you to be a Unitarian Universalist. 

If you really do prefer a more traditional observance, there’s always the Church of the Larger Fellowship, which streams services online at 7 PM (Central Time) on Sundays and 1 PM on Mondays.  You can find lots of sermons and music on youtube as well—try building your own worship service!

Whether you find yourself alone or with others, consider spending some time in observance of our faith and traditions today.  Explore what faith means beyond the walls of our sanctuary, and above all, stay safe and warm!