Thursday, November 19, 2015

Work Day Pictures and Gratitude!

Thank you to everyone who helped make our November 14, 2015 work day a success! Workers included: Erik Goodlett, Gary Cook, Thomas Gonzalez,  Tracey Gray, Carol Howe, Eugene Martin, Nicholas Morgan, Gabriel Morgan, Ila Morgan,  Matthew Morin, Tesa Morin, Henry Morin, Wyatt Morin, Bobby Oehlschlager,  Sunnie Palmer, Christina Wasson, Pam Wat, Brant Weatherford, Katharine Wilcox and UNT volunteers from Mu Epsilon Theta, a Catholic sorority-- Anna, Ann-Marie, Lily, Ruth, Janet, and Nikkie.

The crew worked hard repairing our landscaping after the construction to the creek. Please take a moment to thank them for helping to bring beauty and life back to our property by introducing native plants and trees to our landscape!

Thanks to Andy Chao and Tesa Morin for taking photos of the day:

Erik Goodlett offering instruction to a crew of workers.

Matthew Morin and Brant Weatherford work with students to clear an area.

Students help beautify the area behind the nursery at the edge of the playground.

Erik Goodlett and Gary Cook work on area by the nursery.

Bobby Oehlschlager, Nicholas Morgan, Sunnie Palmer and Tracey Gray work dig, plant and spread mulch.

Rev. Pam Wat, Christina Wasson, Bobby Oehlschlager, Nicholas Morgan and students work on side area by the sanctuary.

Sunnie Palmer and students put plants into the ground.

Christina, Bobby, Nicholas, Sunnie, Tracey and students put plants into the ground.

Thanks to Henry, Gabriel, Ila and Wyatt--our four youngest volunteers--found here breaking up branches for our take-away pile.

Thomas Gonzalez found an old sign. We assume it is missing a "C" unless someone can tell us why "lasses" met at 10:00am.