Thursday, December 17, 2015

Damage to the DUUF Building

Wednesday, 12/16 - The building as Denton Fire Department was beginning to manage the situation.
Wednesday, 12/16 - A fire was set behind the piano, but caused minimal damage as far as we can tell. The cleaning company will be taking the piano to be professional cleaned from any water/smoke damage and then they will bring it back. All the chairs will be professional cleaned to remove the smoke damage.
The damage on the west side of the sanctuary was just smoke damage. All fabric items will be professional cleaned and all name tags and holders will be replaced.

Fortunately there were not many hymnals on the rack when this fire was set. The cloth that covers the rack was completely burned. We lost some blue hymnals and our braille version of the grey hymnal.

Fellowship Hall has extensive damage. The TV and DVR/DVD player are ruined. Half the library was burned and half has significant water damage. Christmas decorations from this room are all burned beyond repair and our new light fixtures were burned up.
Fellowship Hall (north wall)
Smoke damage on the east wall.

You can see heat, fire and smoke damage in this picture of the Fellowship Hall. Damage to the kitchen is minimal.

Room five (the room closest to the playground and next to the nursery) suffered severe damage. Other classrooms suffered only smoke (maybe some water) damage. The nursery looks great except for the black film over everything. Even still, everything in the nursery that is fabric or plastic will be discarded because it is impossible to get that smoke out.  

Another view of room 5.
We will need to replace all of our hymnals due to fire and smoke damage.
The nursery had no fire damage, but everything will need to be replaced because of the smoke damage.
Room 2 has little fire damage, but most everything will need to be replaced because of the smoke damage.
Room 3 had no fire damage. Items will be professionally cleaned. The room will be cleaned and repainted. Items in the closets will be replaced due to smoke damage.
We will lose all our murals as all walls will need to be cleaned and repainted.

Despite the severe damage in room 5, this sign remained. The first part has fire damage. The second part has water damage. Still the words and the sentiment carry on: We extinguish this flame, but not the light of truth, the warmth of community or the fire of commitment. These we carry in our hearts until we are together again. May it be so.
Gary Cook and Erik Goodlett working with a professional cleaner to have the soot removed from the lanterns.
Friday, 12/18 - The chairs, piano, chancel cloths, chancel furniture and sound system have been sent off for cleaning. We are hoping everything will be returned in time for Christmas Eve services.
Friday, 12/18 - Crews are working to clean the floors, walls and ceiling of soot.
Friday, 12/18 - Even with ladders and machines everywhere, the space is still beautiful when the sun shines through the windows.
All the wreaths were either burned or smoke damaged, but this one still looks pretty.

Saturday, 12/19 - Wall and ceiling repairs have started in the sanctuary.

Saturday, 12/19 - Getting ready to prime the walls and ceiling before painting.

Sunday, 12/20 - Our first worship service together at First Christian Church with so many volunteers helping with orders of service, signs on the DUUF building doors, gathering pens, setting up and cleaning up for coffee hour, cleaning the chalice, copying songs, and carrying things in for worship. Thanks to DUUF volunteers and First Christian Church.

Sunday, 12/20 - Our chalice has been cleaned of soot and shone brightly on Sunday at First Christian Church.

Monday, 12/21 - The sanctuary has been primed.

Monday, 12/21 - A first coat of paint is on the closet door.

Tuesday, 12/22 -
Painters working inside and outside of the building to get finished in time for Christmas Eve services.

The piano has been cleaned and returned and it sounds great!

Wednesday, 12/23 - Ivy shows us that window washing can be fun! Our window washers worked very hard to get the smoke film off of the windows.

Wednesday, 12/23 - Bobby and Erik hand the lanterns back up. Each one was hand cleaned with special sponges after being covered in black smoke.

Wednesday, 12/23 - The chairs have been cleaned of soot and smoke and are being returned.

Wednesday, 12/23 - The hard part is remembering where they go!

Wednesday, 12/23 - All we need now is Christmas decorations!
12/23 - The sun setting behind our building.

Thursday, 12/24 - Various households donated Christmas decorations to DUUF and Maureen and Kate did a beautiful job of hanging them on the morning of our Christmas Eve services.

By afternoon we were ready for services!
Zarian and Nikki lighting our chalice for the 4:30pm service on Christmas Eve. The light was literally and figuratively exceptionally bright for our first service back in the sanctuary.

12/24/2015 Christmas Eve 4:30pm service.

12/24/2015 - the light and peace of our space after our 6:00pm Christmas Eve service.