Sunday, June 19, 2016

Construction Updates: June 2016

Things are moving along at DUUF!  The building now has more new windows, sheetrock, new concrete stain in the sanctuary, and new doors.  We are working on resuming services in the building sometime in August.

Thanks again to all who have helped us move forward.  We are so grateful!

Matthew and Erik added a coppery brown stain to the sanctuary floors to even out the color.

The sanctuary after the floors were completed.

floor stain closeup

These will be our updated chairs in matching fabric.  The chair on the left will be for the Fellowship Hall.  On the right, the new fabric for our sanctuary chairs on a similar frame.  

Classroom 5 was damaged the most.  Now it has fresh sheetrock.

Classroom 5 looking toward the playground.

The nursery looks fresh and bright.

New windows, a wooden bench, and refreshed ceiling.

Beautiful new nursery bathroom walls.

Some windows are still awaiting replacement.  Concrete block walls have been primed.

New doors for each classroom with windows.