Saturday, November 21, 2015

Responding to the Refugee Crisis

Unitarian Universalist Service Committee responds to the forced movement of refugees caused by humanitarian crises around the world. Their Rights at Risk Program addresses human rights violations against refugees and asylum seekers that are fueled by border restrictions, short-sighted immigration controls, and other nationalistic policies.

UUSC response to the Syrian refugee crisis examines critical areas along the Syrian refugee migration route where there is a lack of international protection, cooperation, burden sharing, and upholding the basic humans rights of displaced people. So far, UUSC have raised over $400,000 for the UUSC-UUA Refugee Crisis Fund. Earlier this year Denton Unitarian Universalist Fellowship contributed to this fund with a special collection. Please consider making another gift to support UUSC's ongoing work during this crisis.

Such support goes directly to partners in host and transit countries to do the following:
  • Immediate response: Provide effective protection for refugees and access to legal avenues for relief in Europe (Hungary, Austria, Croatia, Serbia, and Greece). UUSC funding goes to partners in host and transit countries providing direct legal, medical, and social services to incoming refugees. UUSC also supports organizations focused on advocacy to bolster the crumbling European asylum system, promote safe routes of passage, and promote decent reception conditions and effective protection for new arrivals.
  • Intermediate work: Support capacity building for overburdened nongovernmental organizations on the ground in neighboring countries such as Jordan and Turkey that are working with vulnerable groups such as women, children and stateless refugees.
    • Support advocacy for medium- to long-term relief needs: education access, asylum policy and procedure, and ensuring positive public reception to resettlement.
  • Ongoing: In the United States, they will ensure that the U.S. government lives up to its international obligations to protect those most vulnerable in situations of conflict. 
    • UUSC plans to provide further funding to grassroots organizations in the United States working to safeguard the rights of incoming refugees and ensure their access to education, legal support, livelihood opportunities, and social services. UUSC will aim to partner with organizations in metropolitan areas where significant numbers of refugees are being resettled.

Take action

  • In light of the recent backlash against refugees and Muslims after the Paris attacks, UUSC is asking supporters to call Congress and urge them not to turn their backs on the millions of refugees seeking safe haven. 
  • Join UUSC's national justice-building conference call on December 3 to learn how you can advocate for Syrian refuges.
  • Use this UUSC-compiled list of talking points to inform your conversations with friends, family, and community members about the Syrian refugee crisis. 
  • Sunday, November 22, 2015 kicks off our annual UUSC Guest at Your Table program. Take a coin box home to help you remember to give generously to the UUSC. On or before December 24th, 2015 (at our Christmas Eve services) please bring a check for the amount you donated and we will send your contributions to the UUSC.
- See more at:

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Work Day Pictures and Gratitude!

Thank you to everyone who helped make our November 14, 2015 work day a success! Workers included: Erik Goodlett, Gary Cook, Thomas Gonzalez,  Tracey Gray, Carol Howe, Eugene Martin, Nicholas Morgan, Gabriel Morgan, Ila Morgan,  Matthew Morin, Tesa Morin, Henry Morin, Wyatt Morin, Bobby Oehlschlager,  Sunnie Palmer, Christina Wasson, Pam Wat, Brant Weatherford, Katharine Wilcox and UNT volunteers from Mu Epsilon Theta, a Catholic sorority-- Anna, Ann-Marie, Lily, Ruth, Janet, and Nikkie.

The crew worked hard repairing our landscaping after the construction to the creek. Please take a moment to thank them for helping to bring beauty and life back to our property by introducing native plants and trees to our landscape!

Thanks to Andy Chao and Tesa Morin for taking photos of the day:

Erik Goodlett offering instruction to a crew of workers.

Matthew Morin and Brant Weatherford work with students to clear an area.

Students help beautify the area behind the nursery at the edge of the playground.

Erik Goodlett and Gary Cook work on area by the nursery.

Bobby Oehlschlager, Nicholas Morgan, Sunnie Palmer and Tracey Gray work dig, plant and spread mulch.

Rev. Pam Wat, Christina Wasson, Bobby Oehlschlager, Nicholas Morgan and students work on side area by the sanctuary.

Sunnie Palmer and students put plants into the ground.

Christina, Bobby, Nicholas, Sunnie, Tracey and students put plants into the ground.

Thanks to Henry, Gabriel, Ila and Wyatt--our four youngest volunteers--found here breaking up branches for our take-away pile.

Thomas Gonzalez found an old sign. We assume it is missing a "C" unless someone can tell us why "lasses" met at 10:00am.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

UBarU Family Camp 2016 - Registration Is Open!

Enjoy a weekend with your family at Unitarian Universalist Family Camp located in the beautiful Texas Hill Country! This week of camp will offer opportunities to learn, grow, and share as a family, as well as opportunities for parents to enjoy some free time and activities designed just for them. Activities will include cookouts, campfires, sing-alongs, worship, swimming, nature education, and star party.

Friday, June 10 through Monday, June 13
Nature Education
Star Party
The price of $130 for adults and $55 for children 5-18, includes seven meals and bunkhouse accommodations for three nights. Children under five are free.
Arrival: 4:30 pm Friday
Departure: 10:30 am Monday
More information is available HERE.
Flyer is available
Registration is available HERE!
Questions? Email us at

277 UBarU Drive
Mountain Home, TX 78058

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Care Team Powers - ACTIVATE!

With the growth DUUF has experienced over the last few years, we have come to a size where we need a strong infrastructure in place in order to support our caregiving activities and to help one another through the ups and downs of life. Many of you have already reached out by bringing a meal to the Caster family as they welcome baby Harvey and have helped throughout the congregation by offering rides, visiting one another especially during tough times, sending cards, and offering support in other ways. To include more people in our care-giving and care-receiving, we are setting up two groups:

Caring Committee is a small group who will meet with me monthly to assess caregiving opportunities in the congregation and to share opportunities with the Caring Team.

Caring Team is a large network of individuals who are signed up to support members of the congregation in various ways (offering a meal, a ride, a listening ear, etc). There are no meetings of the Caring Team, but members are contacted with requests as they arise. Help us to build our Caring Team by signing up today!

To sign up for either the Caring Committee or the Caring Team, please
click here: For those without internet capabilities, a printed version of the form will also be available at DUUF.

Monday, October 5, 2015

Join a Covenant Group!

Covenant Groups Starting October 2015 – SIGN UP TODAY!
What is a covenant group?
Groups of 6-10 people who gather twice a month to connect with each other and discuss a predetermined topic. The sharing and deep listening that take place foster intimate connections and a sense of shared community that are often difficult to achieve in a congregation of our size.
Why are they called covenant groups?
Each group creates its own covenant (or agreement) which outlines the guidelines they choose to abide by in their meetings. Covenants usually list communal expectations such as listening respectfully, speaking one at a time, practicing kindness, and maintaining confidentiality.
When do they meet?
Groups meet twice a month on a regular day, such as the second and fourth Tuesday of each month. Some meet in the evening, while others meet in the morning or afternoon. Starting in late October 2015 (and continuing until the summer 2016) groups will meet at DUUF on:
2nd and 4th Tuesdays from 6:00 pm to 7:30 pm
2nd and 4th Saturdays from 10:00 am to 11:30 am
2nd and 4th Sundays from 4:00 pm to 6:30 pm
What happens at the meetings?
First, opening words are read and a chalice is lit. Then members check-in with a brief update on how they are doing. The majority of the time is spent on reflection and discussion of the predetermined topic. To conclude, closing words are read and the chalice is extinguished. Some groups take turns providing refreshments; others do not. Topics vary and will center around the theme of contrasts and connections.
How do I sign up for a covenant group?
and in paper form in Fellowship Hall. You may also email with questions or for more information. 

Friday, October 2, 2015

Say YES to Youth!

Thirty-three people have already said YES to youth! Throughout September we held our Yes to Youth challenge in which an anonymous donor agreed to donate a much-needed gift of $1,000 to our youth religious education program IF we could fill the 35 volunteer slots we need to manage our classes through the year. We are so close, but we still have TWO MORE SLOTS with an extension deadline of THIS Sunday, October 4.

Thanks to the amazing volunteers who have said yes to our youth, we have had 33 heroes step forward to teach in the Religious Education classes during this school year. We are only 2 volunteers away from reaching our goal of 35, and more importantly helping our program be everything we know it can be! Please consider being one of those 2 additional volunteers.

Please email Cindy Jacobson ( today and tell her that you will be a “Yes to Youth Hero”. Cindy or Meredyth will then contact you and help you get connected.

(P.S.) If we exceed our minimum number of 35 volunteers, we can explore adding religious education to our 11:30am service as well! Thanks for saying YES to our youth!

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Reaching Out and Reaching In: Three Pastoral Care Workshops for UU's

See Paris. Swim with a dolphin. Skydive.
They're on almost every list of things you should do before you die.
But what about those things you really should do? Get peace of mind and provide guidance to the friends and family members you leave behind by attending this free workshop…
Authoring Life’s Final Chapter: Preparing for End of Life Transitions
Saturday, October 10, 2015 from 10:00am-3:30pm
Horizon Unitarian Universalist Church, 1641 W. Hebron Pkwy, Carrollton
Topics addressed during workshop
·   Family issues and dynamics
·   Emotional and practical support for caregivers
·   End of life care
·   Legal documentation and issues
·   Traditional and alternative ceremonies to memorialize the deceased

Register by Wednesday, October 8th by clicking on this link or copying it into your browser:


Caregiving Workshop: Learning to Navigate Difficult Times

Wednesday, October 14, 2015 from 7:00pm to 8:30pm
Denton Unitarian Universalist Fellowship, 1111 Cordell Street, Denton

One of the ways we build community is through connecting with one another. How do we truly connect with one another when life is busy, when circumstances are stressful, or when we don’t really know one another? Rev. Pam will lead a workshop preparing participants to listen deeply and to make lasting connections. Join us for this workshop of personal growth and relationship-building. All are welcome. For more information contact Rev. Pam (


First Unitarian Church of Dallas, in partnership with the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice and Planned Parenthood of Greater Texas invites you to:
Pastoral Care for Reproductive Decisions and Loss:
A Training for Religious Leaders and Lay Caregivers of All Faiths

Monday, October 19, 2015 from 9:00am-4:00pm
First Unitarian Church, Dallas

Miscarriage. Infertility. Abortion. Adoption.
Where is God in these difficult moments?
Where are we?

Register today at:

Anti-racism Day in Denton

Last June many of us attended the prayer vigil at St. James AME Church in Denton and felt the strong impulse toward anti-racism work here in Denton. Please join us in that work by attending a community-wide “Anti-Racism Day” on Saturday, October 3rd from 9am to 4pm at First United Methodist Church. Rev. Pam and others from DUUF will be attending and hoping to carry that learning and experience into some on-going work together. The event is free (with an option to purchase an $8 lunch), but please register in advance (

Event organizers shared that “the goal is to begin an in-depth conversation on race, systemic racism, and racial justice, ideally to be continued in our individual churches and communities. The day’s discussion will address specifically how the individual race of each of us has impacted each life…and review the key racial justice issues in our communities. Consider these topics as you prepare for a day of candid introspection and evaluation and ensuing positive actions.”

Please join us at that workshop on Saturday, October 3rd at First United Methodist Church in Denton and in our work to heal our communities.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Refugee Crisis Fund

On Sunday, September 20 we will have a special collection to receive funds to support the refugee crisis that has so moved us by the sheer depth and breadth of horror. Please consider giving generously to support the Unitarian Universalist Service Committee who is partnering with organizations in countries that are receiving refugees. Your donations will help these organizations to ensure safe passage of refugees and help refugees access their rights in host countries. Please support that second collection on Sept. 20 (at both the 9:30am and 11:30am services) and/or make a donation online:

UUSC and UUA Respond to the Global Refugee CrisisOn that link is also a petition to increase the number of refugees allowed to enter the United States. Please consider adding your support to the petition as well.


It has never been so easy to say YES to our youth! If 25 people sign up to teach (for the 2015/16 church year) by September 30th, not only will our Explorers program be fully supported and sustainable for the program year, but the RE Council will receive a $1,000 anonymous donation to enrich our program.

In order to help us reach this goal, all you have to do is commit to teaching 2 consecutive weeks out of every eight week period—that equals fewer than 10 times this entire year. All lesson plans and materials will be provided, and you’ll be helping DUUF be everything we can be—it really couldn’t be easier. For more information or to sign up to teach, please email Meredyth at