Sunday, June 19, 2016

Construction Updates: June 2016

Things are moving along at DUUF!  The building now has more new windows, sheetrock, new concrete stain in the sanctuary, and new doors.  We are working on resuming services in the building sometime in August.

Thanks again to all who have helped us move forward.  We are so grateful!

Matthew and Erik added a coppery brown stain to the sanctuary floors to even out the color.

The sanctuary after the floors were completed.

floor stain closeup

These will be our updated chairs in matching fabric.  The chair on the left will be for the Fellowship Hall.  On the right, the new fabric for our sanctuary chairs on a similar frame.  

Classroom 5 was damaged the most.  Now it has fresh sheetrock.

Classroom 5 looking toward the playground.

The nursery looks fresh and bright.

New windows, a wooden bench, and refreshed ceiling.

Beautiful new nursery bathroom walls.

Some windows are still awaiting replacement.  Concrete block walls have been primed.

New doors for each classroom with windows.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Construction Updates: April 2016

We are so happy that after a long pause we have been granted our permits and construction has begun again!  Here are some photos of the progress this month:

The Fellowship Hall will have a new bench with the air vents on the side instead of the top.  This gives people more room to sit.  Insulation is going in and the walls have been primed.

This is a view from the most damaged classroom into the hallway to the Fellowship Hall.  This room had to be taken down to the studs.

The bench and air duct space in this classroom will be shorter, which allows more room for children and chairs.  Again, air ducts are on the side now.

Thank you to all who have contributed energy to our rebuilding efforts!  We couldn't have done it without you!  Stay tuned for more updates.

Monday, March 21, 2016

Easter Sunday Services at DUUF

We have two distinct Easter Sunday services on March 27:

Our 9:30am service will be a child-friendly service of stories and songs. Rev. Pam leads the service with a special visit from the Easter Bunny! We will dedicate and welcome our newest addition to DUUF, Kathryn Ara Taylor. Following the service children are invited to participate in our annual Easter egg hunt! We welcome all children, family, and the young-at-heart for this celebration!

Our 11:30am service is created more for adults and older youth. The Easter story is one of miracle and magic, but it is built on stories of betrayal and grief. Rev. Pam shares the fuller story and invites us to explore new truths in this old story—revealing by whom or what we might be saved. The choir will join us for this traditional service and coloring books will be available for children.

Invite your family, friends, neighbors, coworkers, and complete strangers to this year's Easter celebration...DUUF style.

Easter Sunday services will be held in the DUUF sanctuary! Although post-fire construction is not yet completed on our religious education wing, we will gather in our sanctuary to celebrate Easter Sunday.

Please note that there will be no nursery or religious education classes this Sunday. We encourage infants and children to stay with us in the service.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

2016 DUUF Sabbatical Schedule

We have an amazing line-up of speakers coming up! Don't miss a single Sunday at DUUF!

March 6 - "A Fine Frenzy" - Rev. Annie Foerster

March 13 - "All are Saved?" - Rev. Pam Wat

March 20 - "Slave Narratives" - Ian Finseth

March 27 - Easter Sunday! - Rev. Pam Wat (For one Sunday only we return to 1111 Cordell Street for two services, 9:30am and 11:30am. The first service is a service for all ages with a special visit from the Easter Bunny and egg hunt following. The second service is a traditional service.)

April 3 -  Rev. Tamara Lebak, Tulsa

April 10 - Rev. Aaron White, First Unitarian Church of Dallas

April 17 - "Science and Religion" – Samir Aouadi

April 24 - Rev. Mark Walz, Oak Cliff UU Church

May 1 -  Rev. Barbara Jarrell, All Soul’s Church, Shreveport

                       (with Congregational Meeting scheduled)

May 8 - Honoring Mother’s Day – Worship Committee

May 15 - Rev. Meg Barnhouse, First UU Church of Austin

May 22 - TBA

May 29 - Rev. Eric Posa, The Church of the River, Memphis

June 5 - Flower Communion Celebration – Worship Committee

June 12 - Natalie Briscoe, UUA Regional Staff

June 19 - Honoring Father’s Day – Worship Committee

June 26 - "It's Not My Victory" –Ellen Depee and Angelia Ford (who got married in Denton on this day in 2015 as soon as it was legal)

July 3 -  "The Separation of Church and State"

July 10 - "I'm as Mad as Hell!" – Rev. Bruce Beisner, Bay Area UU Church, Houston

July 17 - "The Two Obligations of Good Religion" – John Beckett

July 24 - Scottie McIntyre Johnson, San Marcos UU Fellowship

July 31 - "A Noble Harvest for Organized Justice in Texas" - Rev. Chuck Freeman, TX UU Justice Ministry, Austin
August 7 - "Unitarian Universalism with a Texas Accent" - Rev. Joanna Fontaine Crawford, Live Oak UU Church, Austin

August 14 - "Power and Energy: Denton after the Fracking Ban" - Adam Briggle

August 21 - Water Communion and Ingathering Services - Rev. Pam Wat

August 28 - "On the First Day" - Rev. Pam Wat

Friday, February 12, 2016

Celebrate the LOVE!

JOIN US for Valentine's Day at Oak Street Drafthouse and Flatlanders Taco Company where 10% of sales go to OUTreach Denton!

Come to Oak St. and/or Flatlanders from noon until close on the day of love where 10% of all proceeds will be donated to help us continue offering our amazing LGBT youth program, an annual observance of the Transgender Day of Remembrance, and other events and advocacy work in our Denton community. Come by, have a drink, mingle, mark the day in the photo booth, and show OUTreach Denton the LOVE!

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Construction Updates

We are moving forward with construction of the religious education wing. Workers have gutted much of what needed to be removed in preparation for the repair work. We are hoping to return to full use of the building by Easter.

Fellowship Hall
Fellowship Hall
Room Two

Hallway (outside of nursery)

Room Two

Room Five

Fire Recovery GRATITUDE!

Thanks to everyone who has donated to our fire recovery efforts at DUUF! Construction is underway and we are hoping to return to full use of our building by Easter 2016. Because of these donors and the hard work of many volunteers and staff, we are on our way to recovery. THANKS to the following donors:

First Christian Church, Denton, TX 

Eva Cadwallader, Denton, TX

Melrose UU Church, Melrose, MA
Lona Wolfe, Argyle, TX

Linda Roth, Denton, TX

Jerry Lynn Petty, Denton, TX

Georgia Leech, Denton, TX

Carrie Cooper & Beth Petrucci, Tucson, AZ

Guy and Tracey Gray, Sanger, TX

Elaine and Richard Kushmaul, Charlotte, NC

Barbara and Albin Anderson, Denton, TX

Pathways Church, Southlake, TX

Elida Tamez and Theron Palmer, Denton, TX

Violet and Theron Palmer, Denton, TX

Jose Alves, Plano, TX

Richard and Sally Ann Fritzson, Paoli, PA

C. Allen Reed and Andrea Dubnick, Leaf River, IL

Joe or Katherine Auringer, Denton, TX

Patti and Stephen Youngblood, Copper Canyon, TX

Judith Abbott, Dallas, TX

Katherine Forest, Mountain View, CA

Marlys Lamar, Denton, TX

Susan Vaughan, Denton, TX

Nancy and Michael Fire, Denton, TX

Penny Wollan-Kriel, Springfield, IL

First Universalist Church of Southold, Southold, NY

Myah Dhesi, San Antonio, TX

Alfred Little, Wayne, PA

Texas Local Council of the Covenant of the Goddess
Adam D Dunstan, Denton, TX

Rebecca Crystal, Denison, TX

Susan Seaborn, Denton, TX

Brett Cease, Denton, TX

Susan K Caldwell, Bossier City, LA

James Goodlett, Savannah, GA

Patsy Roe, Lewisville, TX

Amy Manuel, Denton, TX

Olivia Goodrich, Cedar Hill, TX

Jodie Zoeller, Plano, TX

Holli Emore, Columbia, SC

Kristin Davis, Wilmington, DE

Kenneth Evans, Denton, TX

Elena Westbrook, Fairview, TX

Brianna Walther, Austin, TX

Chuck Young, Huntsville, AR

Asheville's Village Witch, Asheville, NC

Ellen Klyce, Memphis, TN

Jaime Moore, Keller, TX

Andrea Spilholtz, Hillsboro, OR

Daniel Hanchrow, New City, NY

Robert Quinn, Rockwall, TX

Anne Thomas, Gerrardstown, WV

Kaye Slovacek, Plano, TX

Caroline Kenner, Silver Spring, MD

Megan Beaumont, Wyncote, PA

Jacqueline Haun, Lawrenceville, NJ

Jason Barrett, Portales, NM

Jennifer Hall, Bellevue, WA

Cheryl LeBeau, Willimantic, CT

Elizabeth Hartung, Dover, DE

Randy Lisbona, Coppell, TX

Maree McKenzie, Kernersville, NC

Stephanie Strahan, Manchester, England

Ursula Mayr, Rochester, MN

Ruth Wotton, Devon, England

Stephen Sturdivant, Flower Mound, TX

Cindy Fountain, Cleburne, TX

Nate Lightfoot, Bonham, TX

Glyn Garside, Pleasant Prairie, WI

Keely Gilchriest, Denton, TX

Susan Cooksey, Denton, TX

Patricia Kahn, Atlanta, GA

Kyla Welch, Denton, TX

Charles Battista, Plano, TX

Ben Gibbins, Denton, TX

Timothy Atkins, Morris Plains, NJ

Alice Fielding, Norman, OK

M Hardin, Waco, TX

Susan Schlueter, Denton, TX

Devin Taylor, Denton, TX

Patricia Clarkin, Bradford, RI

Lori James, Fayetteville, TN

John Medellin, Dallas, TX

Merry Palachek, Brighton, CO

Carrie Stewart, Colleyville, TX

Lyssa Jenkens, Dallas, TX

Lisa E. Simpson

Matthew and Nicole Pettee, Denton, TX

Clark Pomerleau, Denton, TX

Susan and John Cline

Patrice del Toro

Bernd Geiger

Alan & Kimberly Lacerte, Manchester, NH

Northlake Unitarian Universalist Church, Kirkland, WA

Hopedale Unitarian Parish, Hopedale, MA

White Oak Grove CUUPS Group, Rockford, IL

Rev. Lora Brandis, Dallas, TX

Victoria Harris, Nashville, TN

William Hackworth, Roanoke, VA

Jessica Curren, Orlando, FL

St. Barnabas Episcopal Church, Denton, TX

Rev. Barry Abraham Zavah, Alpine, TX

Horizon Unitarian Universalist Church, Carrollton, TX

Ahim and Elizabeth Bose, Flower Mound, TX

Westside UU Church, Farragut, TN

UU Congregation of Atlanta, Atlanta, GA

David and Laura Yamashita, Seattle , WA

UU Fellowship of Tyler, Tyler, TX

Donald Carr, The Colony, TX

Eric and Leslie Ligon, Denton, TX

Amber Briggle, Denton, TX

Big Mikes Coffee (Keith Wayne Brown)

Marianna Seaton, Judy Meador and Ann Petit

Jake and Cindy Jacobson, Denton, TX

Judy Smith, Denton, TX

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

What gives you hope?

On Sunday, December 20th, Rev. Pam asked us what gives us hope/peace/comfort during times of struggle. Here are those answers (from children and adults):

Cuddling with my small black kitten.
Playing on my iPad.
Running around.
Snuggling with my stuffed fluffy puppy.
I try to remember that things are going to be okay.
Running with a friend.
That tomorrow offers a new start.
Rev. Pam.
Going for a walk.
Making a gratitude list.
Being of service to others.
Being in nature.
Family, friends, faith.
Remembering things are working out perfectly.
Thinking of good things.
Getting things accomplished.
New buds on the trees.
My daughter.
Long walks.
Sharing food with loved ones.
This congregation.
My family gathering together (physically or via phone).
Wild birds.
Friends and family members.
The changing of the seasons.
Hugs from my family.
Cute animal videos.
Random acts of kindness.
Talking with family or friends.
Love from a pet.
Somebody saying they understand.
Going into the woods.
People (especially when I have the opportunity to help).
Music (especially when I can sing).
Doing ordinary tasks.
Writing and speaking...prophetically.
Close friends.
Being around family.
playing with our dogs and seeing them become happy.
Listening to stories during services.
The whole of human history has been a slow, unsteady march towards greater justice, compassion and knowledge.
Faith in God.
My children.
Tomorrow is a new day.
Compassion I have and see in others.
My family.
Others are worse off than I and they don't give up.
This, too, shall pass.
If I give up, for sure the worst will happen. It's only because people keep trying that we'll get through this.
My daughter's smile and laughter.
The good things so many people do for each other.
Growing things.
Singing with the choir.
Caroling to friends and neighbors.
My students (nurturing their hopes and plans for the future).
The knowledge that I can take action.
She's sitting to my left right now.
Remembering that all people want to be loved.
People who react with love and compassion, even when they have been hurt.
The sun comes up. A new day begins.
Friends and community.
The hero in each of us: the good in people that manifests during difficult times--the way people step up to help each other.
Engaging in activities that give me positive energy.
Making progress.
Supportive friends gives me hope.
The morning sun gives me hope.
A smile gives me hope.
Completing a task gives me hope.
Love gives me hope.
Laughter with friends and family.
Words of affirmation from friends and family.
Happy music.
Watching my children grow.
Just knowing things will get better--they always do.
Cooking, creating good food.
Talking with my friends.
I feel hopeful that when I become rested I will feel better.
I feel hopeful when I think of tomorrow and know "this, too, will pass."
I feel hopeful when I remember time brings healing.
Seeing compassion in others at work.
My dog.
Having a meal with friend and family.
Remembering that I have made it through the long hard year of illness.
Children give me hope.
When I see others share their inner light.
Loved ones--knowing that I am loved.
Experience-knowing that this too shall pass.
The joy and innocence of my son.
Young children.
My family.
Giggles of children.
Sunlight pouring in on me in the late afternoon--from light years away.
Religious heritage that honors the Eternal Spirit.
Love--all around us in people and nature.
The repetition and cycles of life ever renewing itself.
Love of family and friends (including cats).
Memories of family.
Thoughts of my grandchildren.
Close and dear friends.
The promise of good beginnings.
Helping, building, solving.
Being useful.
Love and strength of family.
Living in community, connecting with other people.
Letting myself be remember.
To realign myself with truth.
All the people who love me.
Thinking about a person or two.
Knowing that everything ends.
Kind people.
My family and friends.
My nephew.
Going to my yoga class.
Walking in nature.
Looking at the stars.
Being at DUUF.
A hope for a better world.
A hope that people would get along.
Upbeat music.
Thinking about people doing good.
Seeing happy young people and engaged elders.
Playing with a dog or cat.
Dog kisses.
Walk in the woods. Hiking with dog.
The ocean.
Like-minded friends.
Children laughing.
A rose blooming in winter (I saw one this morning!) and daffodils that bloom through the snow.
Pam's voice and words of wisdom and compassion.
Inspiring leaders who try to make this world a better place.
Music in general and songs of hope ("Comfort Me").
What gives me hope is knowing that we are not alone, that we are all connected and part of a whole.
Bike ride.
Time in garden.
Family and friends.
My TB test was negative.
Watching YouTube.
Friends and family.
Sundays at DUUF.
Sharing laughs with friends and family.
My sister's sense of humor.
My daughter's attitude about life!
Our dogs--playing with them and relaxing with them.
Being home with my husband.
My family.
My husband.
Thanks for company.

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Fire Recovery Donations


Thanks to everyone who has offered their kindness and support following the fire at Denton Unitarian Universalist Fellowship on December 16, 2015 (for more information about the fire go to: .

We are working hard to clean and repair what we can. We are also working with our insurance company to better understand what will be covered and what will not. For those who feel moved to donate to our recovery efforts, please feel free to send a check (Denton Unitarian Universalist Fellowship, 1111 Cordell Street, Denton, TX 76201) or use the following PayPal link.

Many people have asked about making in-kind donations. At this point we are unable to accept in-kind donations, but we will definitely post our needs when we are able to do so. Currently we do not have space to store anything. We are also waiting to find out what our insurance policy will cover and waiting to understand what can be restored and what cannot. Again, thank you for your concern and your support as we begin to restore our church building.
Our Board of Trustees is the point of contact for questions or more information and can be reached at